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We are a rapidly growing turnstile and gate manufacturer that specializes in providing and installing secure entrances and perimeter security for a wide range of facilities including, Government, Powerplants, Medical, Construction, Mines, Residential, and many more. Outlaw products are on the GSA schedule and we are a HUBZone Certified small business. Outlaw Turnstiles, gates, and canopies have one of the best warranties in the industry, and our turnstile locking mechanism has been tested to over 1 million cycles. Our manufacturing facility is located in the United States and our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled using as many American Made components and as much American Pride as possible! Not only do we manufacture our own products but we are a distributor for quality hardware manufacturers as well. If you are looking for something custom we love custom! And we love a challenge! So reach out to us today and we will be happy to provide you personalized great service!




We provide a full line of full height, waist high, and our new portable turnstiles for commercial entrances that require the next level of security



Our technicians have decades of professional experience with a variety of turnstile systems. We are willing to fly almost anywhere around the United States to Install our Outlaw Products.


Gate Hardware

Not looking for any of these options but your looking to upgrade your private fence or gate we have got you covered. Check out our shop for amazing gate products from companies such as Locinox, D&D Technologies, and Detex products.



We can send any AutoCad Drawing on custom jobs or pre assembled turnstiles at a moments notice for sizing and planning.



If you would like to install it yourself we have documentation for installing and repair FAQS.

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Have a question about installing a turnstile or having trouble with a system that is already installed? our experienced staff can help

Our Portfolio

Industry leading development and design

We are the one stop shop for Private and Commercial Entrance and  Gate design.

From scrap metal to ART. Our experienced team can go from paper to action at a moments notice 

We order the materials, we make the designs, we ship and install the components anywhere in the United States!