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Turnstiles & Access Control Solutions

Outlaw Industries manufactures high-quality controlled access turnstiles and gates.
-Government buildings
-Administrative offices
-Health Care facilities
-Construction Applications
-Entertainment venues
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Why Your Business May Need To Buy Turnstiles?

Turnstiles and security access control systems have become increasingly important for businesses and organizations of all kinds. From schools and government buildings to construction job sites and event centers, turnstiles provide a secure, efficient way to monitor traffic in and out of a building or area. Turnstiles are also effective at controlling the flow of people, providing an additional layer of security that can help reduce instances of trespassing, theft, and other suspicious activity. Turnstiles are a great way to ensure that only authorized personnel can enter, exit, and they also help businesses keep track of attendance or employee time. Additionally, turnstiles can be used for a variety of other purposes such as turn-style ticketing systems, patron tracking and more. With our custom, engineered, and versatile design solutions, we have the ability to integrate both mechanical and electronic components, which make our Outlaw Industries turnstiles an excellent choice for any business or organization looking to improve security and access control.

Learn More About The Turnstiles We Sell

Outlaw Industries turnstiles are designed with quality, security and access control in mind. We offer a wide range of turnstile types, including full height turnstiles, tandem turnstiles, waist-high turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, half-height turnstiles and more. We even offer ADA gates and barrier free turnstiles.

Our turnstiles are available in both mechanical and electronic models and are designed to meet the needs of any business or organization. To learn more about custom turnstiles and access control solutions, contact us today at Outlaw Industries. Our team is here to help you find the turnstile that best fits your security and access control needs.

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