Gate Closer and Hinge in one

Gate Closers are becoming more and more technologically advanced. They have come a long way since the ball and chain method. We offer all kinds of gate closers to suit your needs.

There are some things to consider when purchasing a gate closer. Are you building a new gate or adding a closer to an existing gate? Are you wanting the gate to open to 180 degrees? For new gates consider a closer that is a closer and hinge in one, or a self closing hinge, eliminating the need to purchase and install hinges separately. When working with an existing gate that has hinges already, consider a closer that is a closer only. 

Some gate closers are not able to open past 90 degrees, while some can swing a full 180 degrees. Most closers are adjustable but not all offer speed and final snap adjustments. Final snap is a nice feature when you are using an access control latch such as a mag lock or strike, final snap can be adjusted to keep the door from banging into your expensive hardware. This can extend the life of that product significantly.