Meet the Team

Here at Outlaw Industries we pride ourselves on being a Family owned and operated business, even if all of us aren't blood related.

Every employee and every customer should be treatedin this way and in this company you should expect this to be exactly what you get.


Jesse James Moses SR.

President and Father

Not only is Jesse a father of 4 biological children, he has been a foster father of countless amounts of children while adopting 5 more. His experience is unrivaled with years of construction and management. There is nothing on this planet that he cant install, create and fix!


Jesse James Moses JR.

President and son 

Jesse Jr was working with his dad from the time he could walk until now. From years of construction to years on the oil fields in North Dakota. Junior is definitely the apple that never left the tree. Not only possessing the looks of his father he holds his knowledge and work ethic.


Kimberley Moses



Zachery Collins

Shop Foreman


Dayman Mcelreath

Turnstile Technician


Tony Peterson

Social Media and Website Manager