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Outlaw Industries is a family-owned and operated turnstile manufacturing company specializing in entrance and perimeter security and controlled access. We are proud to be a part of theGeneral Services Administration Schedule (GSA schedule)and are an official HUBZone certified company. Based in Colorado, we provide a variety of products and services to a wide range of industries throughout the world including government buildings, education facilities, administrative offices, health care facilities, construction, residential, and entertainment. Our quality and built-to-last products have extensive warranties and our turnstile locking mechanism has been industry-tested to over one million cycles. In addition to manufacturing all our own products, we also distribute quality gate hardware to many manufacturers. If for any reason you are not able to find what you are looking for on our website, feel free to call us to imagine, design, and create a new customized product to fulfill your unique needs or specifications. All of us here at Outlaw Industries strive for exceptional customer services and are committed to excellence in all aspects.

Jesse James Moses Sr

Jesse James Moses SR.

President and Founder

Jesse has a vast and extensive knowledge of just about anything construction or mechanical. Working for over 40 years as a general independent contractor while raising a large family, his only son grew up helping out and learning the trade. As time passed, his only son became more than just a partner, he became his business partner. Outlaw Industries was founded in 2017 alongside his son Jesse James Moses Jr. With an exceptional head for business and a passion for a good IPA, these two have traveled both nationally and internationally transforming security
in various types of settings while expanding Outlaw Industries to become an up and coming destination for turnstiles and controlled access. This dreamer's dream has finally become an absolute reality.

Kim Moses


Chief Financial Officer

Kim is a force to reckon with. As a working mom of 11 children, she also acts as the Chief Financial Officer for Outlaw Industries. When father and son came together with a business plan, they knew the only person up for the task of making their dreams a reality was Kim. She has a distinct talent for understanding and helping develop the vision Jesse Sr and Jesse Jr have for this company. Her ability to manage, maintain, and problem solve as a part of this fast-growing company while simultaneously packing all the school lunches is unmatched. Her loyalty is unwavering and if there is ever a concern you may have, she can fix it with ease, it is just her nature

Jesse James Moses Jr

Jesse James Moses JR.

Vice President and Co-Founder

Jesse grew up working alongside his father, learning and absorbing all the knowledge his father had gained during his adult working life. From inspiration to design, and design to implementation, he has learned all the tricks of many different trades. Jesse is a naturally gifted entrepreneur; and combined with his inside knowledge and tremendous work ethic, he was able to help begin this new company while helping to expand it into a thriving business. Fortunately, after growing up with 10 sisters as an only brother, his ability to overcome any obstacle and his eye for detail is unparalleled. With the help of his father, he has been able to take Outlaw Industries from a small business to a thriving company with a reputation for excellence. Jesse meet world... world meet Jesse!

Zach Collins

Zachery Collins

Operational Manager

Dayman Mcelreath

Dayman Mcelreath

Turnstile Technician

Blake Pynes

Blake Pynes

Certified Welder Fabricator

Landon Oldenberg

Landon Oldenberg

Turnstile Technician

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