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The Locinox Fortylock Kit comes with everything you need to install the Forylock. It includes the lock body, the cylinder, the handles, the cover shields, and the keep. Choose from stainless or aluminum handles and covers, as well as your gate frame size and order away. The Locinox Fortylock Mortise Lock is a 100% stainless steel mechanism. The stainless steel and adjustable self-latching bolt combined with the right keep guarantee a strong and solid closed gate where the gate wings cannot be pulled apart or forced open. The lock can be installed on metal, aluminum and PVC gates. Thanks to the patented “Click-It” system, mounting the lock can be done in a matter of seconds.

Installation Video


   Locinox Fortylock Mortise Lock-Drawing

   Locinox Fortylock Mortise Lock-Installation Instructions

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