SHUTIT-Original BadAss Hinge




SHUTIT-Original BadAss Hinge

The ORIGINAL BadAss gate hinge is CNC machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Due to SHUT IT’s unique bushing design The ORIGINAL, like all other SHUT IT gate hinges, produces near frictionless movement with maintenance free usage.

For more Information Check out     Shut It Sell Sheet (PDF)

Original BadAss Hinge features

• High-temperature sealed bearings – safe to powder coat with hinges installed on gate
• No greasing, no maintenance. EVER!
• Horizontal adjustability for perfect installations
• Load rating per gate: 2,000 lb (900kg)
• Maximum gate weight: 1,100 lb (500kg)





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Weight 2.5 lbs


Gap Variance (Inches)

Fixing Method


# Of Sealed Bearings

Max Gate Weight

Max Weight Load

Yoke Material

Body Material

Height (inches)

Weight (Lbs)


Fence-Gate Material



Mounting Style

Center Mount


   SHUT IT-Original BadAss-ci3000 Dimensions

   SHUT IT-Original BadAss-ci3000 Warranty and Rating

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