Locinox Turnitec Fail-Close Electromodule 3-Arm


Locinox Turnitec Fail-Close Electromodule 3-Arm

With the Locinox Turnitec Fail-Close 3 arm module installed in the Turnitec, the passage direction of the turnstile will be locked on power loss. This is most commonly used on the entry side of the turnstile so when power is lost the entry to the facility remains locked and secure. However it can be used for the exit passage of the turnstile as well. This module gives the Turnitec the ability to control incoming and outgoing traffic. Granting access or closing the system, changing the rotational direction and executing access control all can be managed easily with the Locinox TURNITEC module. After authorization the turnstile is unlocked electronically and visitors have access to the terrain. The electromechanical is delivered with a 24 V DC Locinox power supply which is equipped with integrated timer with easy to read display. The release time can be changed with ease on the power supply.

Fail-Close Electromodule Features:

  • Fail-close electromodule (power loss = locked turnstile)
  • Easy to install in a TURNITEC base module or as an expansion on an existing system
  • Interchangeable with the mechanical module
  • Suitable for left or right turning turnstiles
  • Locking of the electromechnical module by powerful electromagnets
  • Easy to operate: time range (1 to 99s) of switched state controlled by pushbuttons
  • Set time clearly visible on display
  • 100% secure: reset function to rest after 1 full rotation of the turnstile
  • Fitted with a 24V DC power supply made for exterior use and with integrated timer
  • Robust control module: encapsulated for superior humidity resistance
  • Input voltage: 110V AC
  • Maximum output power: 25W
  • Easy to expand with a TT-COUNTER-LIGHT module to control a counter and/or signalization
  • Connection between module and power supply by means of Plug&Play connector
  • Control module in an aluminum powder coated housing with heat dissipation fins
  • Manual release by key always possible
  • Anti-pass back security: protected against the simultaneous entrance of 2 persons thanks to the 60° locking mechanism
  • High quality and guaranteed performance (tested on 1 million movements)

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  Fail-Close Electromodule Installation Manual

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