Locinox Hydraulic Damper for Turnitec


Hydraulic damper for TURNITEC

Locinox Hydraulic Damper for Turnitec

The Locinox Hydraulic Damper for the Turnitec is Unique. The patented system is unaffected by temperature changes and will perform in every outdoor situation.

The first half of the rotation is undamped and the second half is damped progressively thanks to the continuous damping of the mechanism.

This results in a fluent motion of the turnstile and avoids the turnstile hitting the user’s heels.

Locinox Hydraulic Damper Features:

  • Patented hydraulic damping system
  • Damping of the rotational movement is continuous and progressive and starts from 60° in the 3-arm version
  • Smooth and gradual movements through continuous damping by the damper
  • Easy to retrofit on an existing TURNITEC system
  • High quality and guaranteed performance (tested on 1 million movements)



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