Locinox LMKQ Mechanical Code Lock 2 Sided


The Locinox LMKQ Mechanical Code Lock 2 Sided

This product is a mechanical code lock for swing gates with aluminum housing and stainless steel mechanism. This lock is 100% mechanical, so no batteries or electricity are required, which makes it very easy to equip any gate with access control. The dead bolt is used to over ride the code panel and secure the gate. The latch and dead bolt have 3/4″ continuous adjustment to allow perfect alignment of the locking mechanism. A stainless steel throw of 7/8″ guarantees secure locking. Ships standard with the Club handle pair. The latch gap required is keeper dependent, but the standard and security keepers require a 1-1/4″ latch gap.


  • ISO 9227 KTL / E-coated lockbox withstands 1000 hours of salt spray test
  • Operational code panel on both sides
  • Independent entrance and exit codes
  • Polyamide rain and dust cover
  • Easy and fast set-up or modification of the access codes
  • With adjustable polyamide rollerbolt for easy closing
  • Extremely strong and user-friendly mechanism
  • Automatic code reset after opening by means of the handle
  • Anti-code detection with integrated security press plate
  • Exchangeable with all Locinox locks





Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 8 in



Black, Silver

Fence-Gate Material


Fasteners Included

Gate Frame Size

3/8"-1 1/4", 1 1/4"-2", 1 1/2"-2 1/2", 2 1/2"-3", 3"-4", 4"-4 3/4"


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