Locinox Turnitec Base Mechanism 3-Arm


Locinox Turnitec Base Mechanism 3-Arm

With the Locinox Turnitec Base Mechanism you can bi-directionally operate your turnstile free-turning.

This mechanism can be modular expanded with the mechanical and electromechanical locking modules and a hydraulic damper to further fine-tune the access control and usability of your turnstile.

Base Mechanism 3-Arm Specifications:

  • Designed with rustproof materials
  • With easy to mount optional welding plate and spline axle
  • Compact in size (21-21/32″ x 13-3/4″ x 6-11/16″)
  • IP55 housing protects the mechanism against water, dirt, wind, dust and vermin
  • Modular system to further expand
  • High quality and guaranteed performance (tested on 1 million movements)

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  Turnitec Installation Manual 

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