The AG-36-ADA is a heavy-duty full height high security ADA gate with a 36” passage. The function of the AG-36-ADA is to provide controlled access as well as egress and an ADA compliant passage when entering or exiting a facility where pedestrian traffic is present. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Outlaw Turnstiles and has provisions to bolt directly to them. It is manufactured with American Pride right here in the USA.

If you wish to purchase Outlaw Turnstiles or gates please visit http://WWW.TURNSTILES.US. Due to the unprecedented level of experience in the industry, the team is the sole distributor of Outlaw Turnstiles and gates.


36” or 48” passage (custom upon request)

– steel with powder coating or galvanized – powder coating over galvanized – and stainless steel

– #9 mesh to resist tampering or vertical welded tubes for filler inside gate, glass with glass clamps is an optional filler for stainless ADA gate


-Pull/Rim Exit

-Pull/Strike/Rim Exit


-Electric Rim Exit





Galvanized, Powdercoat, Powdercoat Over Galvanize, Stainless Steel


Pull/Rim Exit, Pull/Strike/Rim Exit, Handle/Maglock/Sensebar, Electric Rim Exit


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