WH-36 Saloon Gate

These heavy duty swing gates are custom sized to your installation needs. We can also include matching partitions.

Our base model Includes the following

  • Round or square Steel Construction w/ 120 different powder coating color options
  • *Heavy duty low profile self closing adjustable hinges
  • Includes a stop post and striker plate
  • Anchor plate or set in concrete style installation
  • Standard 36” passage width

Material options include

  • Stainless steel
  • Add glass to gates and partitions


Hardware options

  • Hydraulic self closing hinge with or without snap back
  • 800lb maglock for controlled access
  • Glass clamps for gates and partitions


Installation Options

  • Anchor down style mounting
  • Set in concrete style install

Design and Construction

  • Designed for heavy traffic and secure use, while pleasing to the eye
  • Constructed from 14 gauge steel or stainless steel with powder coated (steel) or brushed finish (stainless)
  • Our hinges are heavy duty hydraulic self closing hinges that are fully adjustable. A very nice feature to keep the striker plate from smacking against the post or maglock when it closes for quieter operation, and prolong product life.


  • Standard height 36” or custom
  • Standard overall width 43” or custom
  • Standard passage width 36” or custom
  • We can also build any size partition you may need to match the gate as well as a railing system.

Electrical Specs

Field selectable 24v or 12v DC mag-lock for use with controlled access (no controller provided with gate)

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